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Modern wigs and hair restoration solutions are revolutionizing the way women view hair replacement. The latest techniques in wig customization are helping women, suffering from hair loss, restore their confidence like never before. Gone are the days of unnatural appearing hair pieces, today’s leading hair replacement experts are creating hair additions that are virtually undetectable to the human eye and touch.

Because there are so many options available, it’s extremely important to select the right hair replacement system. At Shear Pointe Hair Restoration Center we are proud to offer the most advanced non surgical hair replacement systems on the market today.
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Custom Human Hair Wigs from Shear Pointe

With more than 40 years of experience, Shear Pointe has been committed to providing the finest quality human hair wigs available for more than four decades. Poor quality wigs have given hair replacement systems a bad reputation; at Shear Pointe however we have always delivered custom hair additions of the finest quality.

At Shear Pointe we take great pride in our 100% natural human hair wigs. Delivering the ultimate comfort and incredible style, nothing compares to our quality human hair wigs, a natural human hair wig can be styled just as you would your own hair. From blow drying to hot rolling and straightening, you can style and re-style your natural human hair wig as often as you like. Human hair has 3 layers, cuticle, cortex and medulla. Low quality human hair wigs are soaked in acid to strip away the cuticle layer. High quality human hair wigs are instead made of “virgin” hair from Europe with the cuticle intact. In addition, higher quality hair has a more natural color and more strength. In short, 100% natural, high quality human hair wigs are more beautiful and natural in appearance.

Synthetic Wigs from Shear Pointe

Wigs and Hair ReplacementAt Shear Pointe we also offer superior quality synthetic hair wigs. Each of our synthetic wigs are of medical quality, meaning they are of much higher quality than that those found in stores or catalogues. Medical quality synthetic wigs are a huge step up from machine-made wigs. Using superlative synthetic hair and having it hand blended 1 and 2 hairs at a time these wigs are lighter, more comfortable and natural than non-medical quality wigs.Human Hair Wig

Custom Wig Styling from Shear Pointe

Just as a dress needs to be tailored to fit perfectly, so too does a wig. At Shear Pointe we style and customize your wig to provide a completely natural hair replacement system. Whether you desire the look of your former hair style or you would like to capture a new one, our Image Stylists are prepared to help you get there. Choose from the highest quality natural human hair wigs and synthetic wigs on the market and allow our stylists to do the rest. Discover why we have a reputation for providing the very best in Detroit hair replacement services for both men and women.

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