Laser Light Therapy Benefits for Hair Restoration

If you’re suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, hair restoration therapy may be the option for you. At the Shear Pointe Hair Restoration Center, we provide non-invasive, low-level laser therapy to treat hair loss.

When treating hair loss with laser light therapy, the laser rays are applied directly to the scalp by a device that stimulates the red blood cells. It’s been said that the lasers work by converting Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to Adenosine Diphosphate (ADP). This change releases energy that causes cellular metabolic changes.

The devices used for laser treatment have a similar appearance to hood hair dryers and are placed over the top of your head. The low-level laser will then rotate and disperse the laser rays over the scalp. This will promote healthy hair growth, though it’s important to note it’s not the same as the regrowth of miniaturized hairs brought on by genetic female hair loss or male pattern baldness.

Throughout this process, there are additional nutrients and oxygen, which are delivered to the scalp. This action helps these normal chemical processes that are performed by these cells that increases the blood circulation. When applied directly to the hair and scalp laser have the ability to improve overall hair quality, promote hair growth, and increase hair shaft diameter.

For stronger, shinier and fuller hair from laser light therapy, contact the team at Shear Pointe Hair Restoration today.

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