best mens non-surgical hair replacement detroit birmingham michiganNever Feel Forced to Go Through Summer with a Baseball Hat Again

Don’t let your hair loss or male pattern baldness put you on the confidence bench this summer. Custom non-surgical hair replacement solutions combine the latest in hair restoration technology and artistry, resulting in a totally natural look and feel to restore not only your hair, but also your life and style, especially when it comes to summer activities.

Something that upsets us often is hearing about all of our great clients, who prior to treatment we’re excluding themselves from certain situations because of their insecurities with their hair patterns. “Too much sun”, “I can’t go for a swim because of my hair piece,” or “the beach is just a little too windy for me” are all things that nobody deserves to have to say or feel. Luckily, with our advanced non-surgical hair replacement capabilities at Shear Pointe Hair Restoration in Birmingham, Michigan you can have the full head of hair you’ve been searching for to get the most out of summertime in Michigan.

There are a variety of fun summer activities that involve water, wind, camping, and other factors that may push you away from taking part if you’re not feeling great about the way you look due to male pattern baldness or other forms of hair loss. The emotions associated with hair loss are serious. Luckily, so are the feelings associated with getting your hair back! So, whether you call it hair restoration, hair replacement, or a hair patch, the results are seriously awesome!

It’s Not Too Late. Hair Restoration Solutions That Won’t Hold You Back

Going for a swim in the summer is great for cooling off, exercise or just some quality recreation time with family or friends. For some hitting the water comes without a second guess but for the many suffering with hair loss or male pattern baldness, a summer swim can leave you feeling anxious, down, or stuck inside.

The Shear Pointe team will have you back enjoying the heat and cool water and other fun summer activities sooner than you ever thought possible!

Sports and Group Outdoor Activities

The summertime here in Michigan presents opportunity for a vast array of sports and other fun group activities or outings.

Too often, we have heard stories from our patients of choosing to stay home or forcing themselves to wear a hat in extreme heat just to avoid the feelings brought on by the way their thinning hair presented itself after a perspiring workout.

Cameras Are Not Your Enemy!

Over time, we’ve talked to countless men suffering from some form of hair loss. The consensus seems to be that confidence does in fact start to thin just as their hair does. In our opinion, nobody deserves to suffer from a loss of confidence over something we believe is truly reversible. Some of the best memories are re-lived by looking through photographs of a fun summer activity, vacation, or special day. Especially in the summer, whether you’re getting away from it all with a week off at the camp up north or trying your hand at deep-sea fishing in Florida, the sunlight can unfortunately highlight areas of baldness on the scalp.

Our custom non-surgical hair replacement solutions combine the latest in hair restoration technology and artistry, resulting in a totally natural look and feel to restore not only your hair, but also your life and style. Please remember, there is no shame in hair loss. It happens to everyone, both men and women regardless of age. Early detection is the most ideal situation for preventative treatments but no matter how long this issue may have been taking place, we have an option for you!

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