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Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss in men can be caused by any number of conditions, but by far the most common cause is hereditary male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). Male pattern baldness is so common, in fact, that it affects over 50 million men ranging in age from their late teens to late adulthood in just the United States alone.

Other factors contributing to hair loss in men can include extreme stress to the central nervous system such as may be seen in “long covid” sufferers, as well as hair loss as a side effect of medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. There are numerous scalp conditions which can also cause thinning hair and hair loss in men as well.

Hair Loss Solutions for Men – Detroit, Michigan

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Transitions Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Replacement

Ideal for men whose lifestyle is active, and, on the go, our exclusive Transitions Men’s Hair Replacement solutions bring the latest in leading edge European non-surgical men’s hair restoration technology with 100% natural look, feel, and style with the thickness, length, density and style you deserve. Individually custom-made to your own individual needs and lifestyle, it integrates perfectly with your own natural growing hair. The result is a totally undetectable state-of-the-art hair loss solution that looks and feels amazing.

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Cesare Ragazzi Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Replacement

Cesare Ragazzi’s patented CNC custom hair replacement for men – Capelli Naturalia Contatto (Natural Contact Hair) – is the most natural looking and technologically advanced non-surgical hair replacement solution anywhere. Custom-crafted in Bologna, Italy to your exact measurements and specifications, the look and feel is totally natural, with perfect density, thickness, color, and style to match perfectly your own growing hair.

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HairSkeen Custom Hair Replacement for Men

Hairskeen™ custom non-surgical hair replacement for men offers the latest in high-tech aesthetics and natural looking hair styles. Hairskeen’s cutting-edge technology delivers modern, fashion forward style you want with a totally natural, completely undetectable hair loss solution for men of all ages and hair types. Hairskeen offers the most natural non-surgical men’s hair restoration results imaginable.


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“I have been going to shear point for over 30 years. They have always done a great job for me. They are always ready for me at my appointment times, which is very important to me. They keep up on all the newest methods and styles to keep their customers looking good and up to date.  [My regular stylist] has been my barber for over 12 years and does excellent work, a true artist. All the staff are very helpful and keep everything running smooth.”  – Mike M.

“Shear Pointe is the place to go if your hair is thinning or have a hair loss problem and need expert advice on your alternatives to correcting the problem. I tried other hair restoration centers but found Shear Pointe to be far superior in hair products and stylists. I strongly recommend Shear Pointe to anyone having a hair problem.” – Tom S.

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