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Micro Point Link Women’s Hair Additions

Micro Point Link is a non-surgical women’s hair loss solution that is comfortable, lightweight, and gentle on your own hair. Micro Point Link, from the makers of Cyberhair, goes where traditional hair extensions can’t go. It is perfect for the woman who is beginning to experience hair loss and thinning, allowing you to add just the amount of hair you need, exactly where you need it. Even on top of the head.

With Micro Point Link women’s hair additions, you can add the perfect amount of hair you need, perfectly matched in terms of color and texture to your own growing hair, in just one salon session. The result is beautiful, thicker, longer hair that looks, acts, and behaves just like your own natural growing hair.

Add Just the Amount of Hair You Need or Want

What are Micro Point Links? Micro Point Links are micro-extensions, added to your own natural healthy hair to add great added of volume to your thinning hair. There’s no glue or clips! Over a period of time, these mini-extensions shed naturally, just like your own hair. They are added to your own healthy hair where coverage is needed most to create beautiful, fuller, healthier looking hair just for you.

wheNow you can add up to 600 new hair strands in just a single one-hour salon session, beautifully and painlessly. From the makers of CyberHair, Micro Point Links is a wonderful for women with thinning hair.

The Hair You Need… Where You Need It

  • It is so lightweight and so like your own hair that it blends invisibly with your natural hair, making it virtually undetectable.
  • Absolutely no chemicals or glues are used.
  • Non-surgical Micro Point Link has the ability to increase the volume of your hair by up to 400%.

What about my hairstyle? Can I continue to wear my hair the way I want?

Yes. The new strands of hair will enhance the look you now have. With the addition of Micro Point Solutions, you will probably find more options for hair styling.

The Power of Transformation

Micro Point Links women’s hair additions requires regular salon visits, just like you are doing now. As your natural hair grows, some of the added Micro Point hair will shed along with your own hair. When you come in for regular maintenance – typically every four to five weeks – we will cut and style your hair and update your Micro Point Links hair additions so you always maintain your best look.

Don’t Let Thinning Hair Keep You from Living Your Best Life

WHY WAIT ANOTHER DAY? Find out if Micro Point Links hair additions for women is right for you. Get in touch now to schedule your private, complimentary consultation with an experienced Shear Point hair loss specialist and see how easy and affordable it can be to finally say goodbye to hair loss anxiety.

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