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Beautiful and Voluminous Hair Extensions in Birmingham, MI

Natural Hair Extensions: Birmingham MI Hair Clinic | Shear Pointe - extension1Get the Look You’ve Always Wanted with Natural Hair Extensions for Men and Women

Thick, healthy hair is a sign of youth and vitality for both men and women. At Shear Pointe Hair Restoration Center, we offer various hair replacement solutions for our guests – including extensions. As the leading provider of hair extensions in Southeast Michigan, we are committed to making people feel more confident.

Our team of highly-skilled stylists has been trained by the biggest names in the hair extensions industry. Our expertise is second to none. If you’re seeking a hair extensions specialist, you’ve come to the right place!

Achieve the Hair of Your Dreams in Minutes!

Beautiful flowing hair is a look that, until recently, has been reserved for Hollywood’s elite. From the red carpet to the big screen, celebrities have been wearing top of the line hair extensions for years. At Shear Pointe Hair Restoration Center we’re proud to offer the finest European hair extensions available to each and every one of our guests. In a single styling session, our Image Consultants are able to apply extensions and help our guests achieve the look of thick, luxurious hair. We often work with women looking to add fullness and length to their hair, as well as men who are interested in adding density and body. If you or a loved one are currently exploring your hair extensions options, you have many choices. At Shear Pointe, we offer only the highest quality products on the market to ensure safe bonds and incredible results. If you’re ready to achieve the hair of your dreams, why not get started today?

Are You a Candidate for Hair Extensions and Additions?

Hair extensions were once only an option for men and women with existing healthy hair. However, outdated methods and improperly performed extensions can wreak havoc on your existing hair. The latest advances in hair extension science are making it possible for men and women of all ages suffering from hair loss to enjoy beautiful extensions without causing damage to their existing hair. It is however extremely important to note that only trained hair restoration experts have the skills and expertise to perform hair extensions without damaging existing hair. Whether you’re interested in adding body and fullness to your otherwise healthy hair or you’re hoping to add density to your thinning hair, we can help! At Shear Pointe Hair Restoration Center, our Image Consultants are the area's top experts in the application and removal of hair extensions. As the leading providers of hair extension services, we are here to help you achieve your desired look; safely and effectively.

Offering the Best Hair Extensions and Additions Available

As your hair extension and additions specialists, we offer only the best products on the market today.

Choose from:

Natural Hair Extensions: Birmingham MI Hair Clinic | Shear Pointe - arrowReallusions

One of the most advanced hair extension solutions on the market today, Reallusions hair extensions are hand crafted from the finest 100% natural human hair available. 

Natural Hair Extensions: Birmingham MI Hair Clinic | Shear Pointe - arrowSO.CAP

A world-renowned producer of top of the line hair extensions, SO.CAP. extensions feature 100% European-type human Remy hair. 

Natural Hair Extensions: Birmingham MI Hair Clinic | Shear Pointe - arrowStrand Splice

Achieving beautiful flowing voluminous hair is easier than ever before with Strand Splice. Created by hair experts, these top of the line hair additions fill in where others can’t. 

Natural Hair Extensions: Birmingham MI Hair Clinic | Shear Pointe - arrowStrand Cuffs

Strand Cuff hair additions enable you to achieve the look of voluminous, sexy hair! These revolutionary additions give your hair the body and volume you’ve always wanted.

Only an experienced hair extension and additions specialist can help you determine which of these leading hair extension systems will deliver the results you’re seeking.

Contact us today at (248) 645-1310 to schedule your free no obligation evaluation with your personal Image Consultant. Together you will discuss your options and select the hair extension solution that is right for you!