Top Reasons Why Young Men Choose Hair Replacement

Young men choose hair replacement systems to combat their hair loss and thinning hair more often than hair transplant surgery. There are a number of reasons for this which we will examine in more detail in this blog post. While hair transplant surgery has been a popular option for restoring hair, a significant number of younger men are opting for non-surgical alternatives such as hair replacement systems.

One of the most significant reasons for this trend towards non-surgical hair replacement systems for men in the Detroit area is that non-surgical hair replacement offers an overall increase in hair density, length, and styling options when compared to surgical hair restoration procedures. Unlike most surgical procedures, non-surgical hair replacement allows men to experiment with different styles and looks.

Not Everyone Is a Candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery

One of the primary reasons why young men are turning to hair replacement systems is that not everyone is a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery. Certain factors, such as a propensity for scarring, lack of suitable donor hair on the scalp, and amount of hair needing to be transplanted may make surgery less desirable or even impossible. In such cases, hair restoration specialists often recommend non-surgical hair loss solutions such as hair replacement systems.

Less Pain and Discomfort

Hair transplant surgery, as its name suggests, is a surgical procedure, and all surgical procedures inevitably involve some level of pain, discomfort, expense, and a period of healing and recovery. In contrast, most non-surgical hair replacement has been compared by those who have chosen it for themselves, as “just another trip to my stylist.” In the case of some out-patient clinical hair loss treatments designed to stimulate hair follicle regeneration, some minor pain may be involved specific medical procedures.

Cost-Effectiveness of Men’s Hair Replacement

Hair loss affects individuals from all walks of life, and not everyone can afford the upfront costs of elective surgery that is not covered by insurance. Non-surgical hair replacement is an affordable solution offering excellent results for men ranging from their late teens to their 70s, 80s, and beyond. It is financially accessible to those who may have budget constraints but still desire to regain their confidence through hair replacement and restoration.

Moreover, while some non-surgical hair loss treatments may require time for hair regrowth, high quality, customized men’s hair replacement systems can provide virtually instant results in just one afternoon. These systems, which are typically made from 100% natural human hair, are attached to the scalp using adhesives or bonding agents. They can be shampooed, cut, and styled just like natural, growing hair, allowing individuals to achieve their desired look, density and styling options immediately.

Principal Causes of Hair Loss Among Younger Men

Autoimmune Diseases and Hormonal Changes. Autoimmune diseases and hormonal changes can lead to hair loss in young men. Conditions such as alopecia areata, wherein the immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, can result in patchy hair loss. Hormonal imbalances, particularly an excess of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) — a hormone derived from testosterone — can cause miniaturization of hair follicles, leading to male pattern baldness.

Thyroid disorders, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, can also contribute to hair loss in young men. These conditions disrupt the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, affecting hormone production and metabolism. Hair loss is a common symptom of thyroid disorders and often requires medical intervention to manage the underlying condition and restore hair growth.

Severe or Prolonged Stress on the Central Nervous System plays a significant role in hair loss, especially among young individuals. The American Psychological Association has found that people in their 40s and below experience the highest stress levels, primarily related to work, job stability, and finances. Heightened stress levels can disrupt the hair growth cycle, leading to increased shedding and hair thinning, as observed in the case of those individuals who have contracted Covid 19.

Why Young Men Choose Hair Replacement Systems More Often

With the increasing prevalence of hair loss among young men, hair replacement systems have emerged as a popular non-surgical alternative to address hair loss concerns. These systems provide individuals with the opportunity to regain a full head of hair without undergoing surgery.  With non-surgical hair replacement, young men (of all ages) can regain their confidence and enjoy a full head of hair without undergoing invasive, uncomfortable, lengthy procedures.

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