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Shear Pointe places the highest priorities on helping you find a solution to your thinning hair and hair loss. In fact, we don’t even think of you as “clients.” Rather, we think of you as our guests. Shear Pointe’s facilities are specifically designed for your comfort and privacy.

Why Choose Shear Pointe

  • Family Owned, and Operated since 1969
  • We Truly Understand..It’s more than just hair
  • We change more than just your hair, we change your life
  • The Absolute Best Team of Hair Stylist’s In The Industry
  • Providing only the best hair replacement solutions
  • Finest selection of Wigs, Hair Pieces, Toupee’s and Extensions
  • Discreet and Private
  • Quality, Service and Guest Satisfaction

We Restore More Than Just Your Hair

Shear Pointe is a member of Transitions International Group and is a proud Transitions Hair Loss Center. Transitions is an elite group of Hair Restoration Specialists, composed of an award-winning international members.

Shear Pointe is also a member of: the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, Virtual Reality Hair Replacement, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, The Better Business Bureau and Hair Loss Confidential.

Whether you are just beginning to experience some thinning hair or are in the most advanced stages of natural or medically related hair loss, we can help you with a full spectrum of programs for both men and women.

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